Pyrophyllite is an extremely versatile mineral that can be used to make a variety of products like fibreglass, plastics, paints and coatings, rubber, and can be used in refractories and foundries as an alternative to talc and kaolin.

The presence of free silica in Pyrophyllite can be detrimental to the production of ceramics. We provide high quality Pyrophyllite which has no free silica. The Ishwar Mining & Industrial Corporation's Pyrophyllite is perfect for the production of flawless white ceramics. The lack of free silica also makes it safe for the manufacture of cosmetics like face powder.

Essentially, pyrophyllite is Phyllosilicate material that occurs in the form of crystalline folia or tight, compact masses. The crystalline form is lustrous and expands to many times its original volume when exposed to heat.

The crystal structures of Pyrophyllite and talc are monoclinic, making Pyrophyllite an ideal alternative to talc and kaolin. Pyrophyllite also has an abundance of alumina, which makes it highly heat resistant and convenient for use in refractories and in the manufacture of ceramics, it also has excellent thermal shock resistance which is preferred in the manufacture of ceramics.

Because of its macro crystalline properties, Pyrophyllite produced by The Ishwar Mining & Industrial Corporation adds reinforcing properties to plastics. Our Pyrophyllite has a refractive index and optical characteristics similar to kaolin which allows you to use it as a prime pigment extender for adhesives, paints, and paper.

We supply Pyrophyllite in Raw, Powder & Calcined state.

Diaspore is a dimorphous form of boehmite that is used mainly in the manufacture of high alumina refractories. It is an aluminium oxide hydroxide that occurs in lamellar, scaly masses or sometimes as flattened crystals that are isomorphous with geothite. The Ishwar Mining And Industrial Corporation is the leading producer of Diaspore in India; we account for 50% of India's annual Diaspore production.

Diaspore occurs as thin veins, stringers and geode like structures in association with Pyrophyllite. The host rock usually contains Quartz and Granite. This gorgeous mineral appears to change colours under different types of light

The Diaspore extracted by The Ishwar Mining & Industrial Corporation has a rich alumina content with low iron and is an excellent choice for use in refractories due to it's high heat resistance. It can either be used by itself or by bonding it with flint or plastic clay.

We supply Diaspore in Raw, Powder & Calcined state.

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